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1. Do you have proactive IT support?

To avoid interruption of users’ activity, the service provider must have IT working tools and processes for a proactive approach. Without a proactive activity, the number of interruptions cases affecting a business is five times higher.
Question: What is the procedure to prevent IT problems?

2. Do you provide 24/24 monitoring?

Failure situations occur when you least expect it, just when you need things to work more. Therefore, it is important that all systems and equipment to be monitored and to intervene immediately, regardless of the day time.
Question: How IT systems are monitored and how do you intervene in case of need?

3. What about security access to information?

Privacy is a sensitive and stringent issue in any company, especially in the context of a more aggressive competitive environment. A service provider must have validated data protection solutions relative to those trying their unauthorized access from outside the company.
Question: How do you ensure information security and what are the certifications held by the company and its employees?

4. What makes your people a competent and motivated team?

It is important that people who work for the service provider to have the right attitude and the required skills and the company to have a professional development program for each employee.
Question: How do you ensure that employees remain much longer in the company?

5. Do you offer guarantees?

To avoid situations where the supplier is in breach of promises and do not deliver, ask for guarantees of service delivery: response time, percentage of proactive cases identified, management systems and periodic reporting requests from customers activity.
Question: What are your services guarantees by contract?