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White Label

The entire system, including the online Optimum Desk Suite and Client Portal can be branded as yours. Choose White Label and provide yourself with a number of powerful sales tools, own-brand reports and own-brand demos.

Expand your product offering

We provide fully customizable turn-key solutions, which include everything you need to offer your customers’ business under your own brand, including all the tools you need to monitor your customers’ activity in real time.

Our technology, your look!

Use your brand and our powerfull technology! By rebranding our powerfull tools as your own, you are reinforcing your own branding and reputation. You also build a stronger relation with your customers.

Affordable with minimal upfront costs

Save the money that you would have spent on IT infrastructure, development and staff for creating new systems and choose to work with professionals for a fraction of that amount.

Grow your revenue!

Increase your service offering, build customer confidence and grow your revenue using our tools under your appreciated brand. Diversify your IT solutions and IT support offer and gain clients that need specific technologies and features.

Set your own margins!

Because you're now packaging new multiple solutions under your brand you will have a larger margin and basically you can sett your own price.

Star Tech Alliance Brand

Speed up your sales process and become well-known on the market with Star Tech Alliance branding, a brand that helps you differentiate from your competitors!

Have a strategic tool

Having a meaningful identity for your brand is not only effective, it has cumulative market impact. StarTech Team has powerfull elements that allows your business to sell, sell, sell.

Strong Values

We believe that strong values form the basis of a healthy business. The strong culture of our company was created precisely by the wonderful people that compile Star Tech Teamm. Therefore our values are expressed in the way we work closely together with the customers.


Branding your product can improve the return on your advertising and marketing budget. Communicating the same messages and using brand elements such as logos, colors, packaging and graphics consistently helps to reinforce brand qualities. Building a brand that customers can easily recall and recognize can reduce your marketing costs in the long term.


We will train you in everything from the technology involved, to the accounting or how to meet your customers emotional expectations. Ongoing and online support is always available as well as special alerts and continuing education. We want you to be successful and we’ll make ourselves available every step of the way.

Game opened!

Star Tech Team has created an exhilarating and productive atmosphere, focused on achieving objectives through games. Emotion that has been added to recurring activities of our specialists echoes at each of our customers who benefit directly from the advantages of gamification component.