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Proactive Performance Monitoring

Avoid complete activity interruptions

Avoid complete activity interruptions with the help of regular maintenance for your host operating system (Linux, Windows, SUN Solaris, AIX), which allow for an incident-free environment for your company services and software.

Reduce costs in a world were operating systems tend to function slower as time passes, through recurrent optimization process that prevent activity delays.

Avoid financial losses

Avoid financial losses generated by failing to meet deadlines because host operating system malfunctions, by ensuring support interventions in a guaranteed response time right to your headquarters if an unforeseen incident occurs that cannot be remotely handled.

Ensure the constant operation of your host operating system
  • We perform routine maintenance operations for your operating system
  • We constantly monitor system performance resource-wise
  • Operating system updates relevant to the latest security or performance patches released
  • Organizing the proper backup resources that allow for instantaneous system restoration
  • Analysis performed on recorded data meant to proactively identify potential incident
  • Documentation for hardware and software architecture used by your company's infrastructure
  • Construct the operating manual for your network, so that you can easily access all needed information