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ServiceDesk for Workstations

Be mindful of the time of your employees

Gain additional time for your employees by instantly solving any difficulties users may encounter.

When a phone call is received, Star Tech Team registers the reported situation and attempts an operative fix, from the very first call, by supplying the user with the needed information or through remote software assistance. In the eventuality of email or SMS interaction, the IT incident is taken over by a specialist that will use the same communication channel as the one that was used to initiate the contact.

Ensure a flexible interaction, by offering the possibility to report any incident by using the communication channel preferred by each employee, with four different ticket submission choices: online, via email, telephone or text message.

Ensure a secure management control for every individual IT incident by recording and registering all incidents reported by users through an IT system. Ensure confidence to your employees through a detailed tracking of the support process.

Gain access to a dedicated phone number

We put at both your and our employees' disposal a dedicated telephone line, where every employee can receive adequate information and advices. Through our state of the art incident management system, the user's calling number is instantly identified with every phone-made request, and users always receive a personalized greeting.

  • Keep track of quality indicators for the delivery of IT services;
  • Record conversations for subsequent analysis;
  • Quickly identify recurring situations and deliver prompt support for your employees by using a information library for common IT incidents and for their solutions, known as Knowledge Base;
  • Identify common incidents and apply major fixes to eliminate root of all troubles;
  • For ease of use and due to the state of the art incident management system, the calling number of users is recognized with every phone call made, and they are always treated individually.